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Chronic Bleeding From the Nose and/or From Cuts Is Very Disruptive!

Many more people than you think suffer with lifestyle disruptive bleeding problems. Recurring bleeding, both nosebleeds and bleeding from cuts, is embarrassing, messy, traumatic and time consuming. There are several causes of chronic bleeding covered on the bleeding causes page. There are also acute or occasional bleeding causes which impact millions of people.

Nosebleeds and Difficult to Stop Bleeding From Cuts Impact People Every Day!

Research shows that more than 10% of US households have one or more sufferers of recurring bleeding. In fact, many people experience bleeding several times a week.


The medical term for nosebleeds is epistaxis – the origin of which is Greek, meaning dropping. Over 90% of nosebleeds are anterior nosebleeds, occurring in the lower cavity or front of the nose and are not life threatening. It’s these more common nosebleeds which NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE are specifically designed to quickly and conveniently stop. People with posterior nosebleeds, those occurring in the upper cavity or back of the nose, should always be treated by a healthcare professional.

Bleeding From Cuts

Bleeding from minor cuts can often bleed through several adhesive bandages.

These can be cuts from shaving, from using a knife in the kitchen, from getting a cut working around the house. Often something as simple as a paper cut won’t stop, bleeding through several adhesive bandages. Bleeding cuts related to sporting events can prevent the athlete from returning to the field or court, often leading to disqualification.

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