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Healthcare Professionals recognize the value of NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® for treating patient bleeding, whether nosebleeds or topical bleeding.
Many have shared their success stories with us!

Beverly Schaefer Pharmacist Seattle, WA

"We love recommending products that really work and that meet customer needs. BleedCEASE and NasalCEASE meet immediate needs as well as offering potential help in an emergency. These products should be part of every first aid kit. "

Denise Hart RN of Lapeer, MI

"Our grandson 8 has nosebleeds just like his dad and grandfather. For years we struggled with ice packs and pinching the nose. After recently discovering NasalCEASE and how easy it works, it is now the way our family treats nosebleeds."

"This past Spring I had a skin disorder on my leg. One of the lesions broke open and started bleeding profusely. It would not stop with ice and pressure. I thought of NasalCEASE and tried it.......Success! The lesion stopped bleeding and after taking it off about 12 hours later, the wound was completely closed."

"Thank you for this wonderfully simple, yet very effective product."

Dr. T. Gumprecht of Redmond, WA

"NasalCEASE is an outstanding product for children and adults. I know as a doctor, parent and patient that NasalCEASE is a nice advance in the first aid of nosebleeds. As a doctor I routinely recommend it to my nosebleed patients."

Dr. M. Wladecki of Westlake, OH

"NasalCEASE is a great product. It saves millions by patients not having to go to the ER for their nosebleeds!"

Jonathan D. Field, MD of New York, NY

"During services at our synagogue, the rabbi had an acute and severe nosebleed. I treated him with NasalCEASE® and his bleeding stopped immediately. It was especially important as he was due to conduct a funeral shortly after. I found the product easy to use and he found it easy to remove himself. We now have NasalCEASE® in our first aid kit at the synagogue and I keep one in my bag at all times. We recommend NasalCEASE® to our nosebleeds patients in the office routinely."

Dr. Richard Bendinger of Abbeville, AL

"I have used NasalCEASE® in my practice and it is very effective for treating nosebleeds."

Terrance J. Kwiatkowski, M.D. of Bullhead City, AZ

"I have been recommending NasalCEASE® to my nosebleed patients for over a year now with great success. My patients find it stops their anterior nosebleeds quickly and safely. As opposed to other alternatives, they also find it easier to use, allowing them to quickly get back to what they were doing at the onset of their nosebleed."

Dr. Arsiwala of Michigan Urgent & Primary Care Physician's P.C.

"NasalCEASE® has revolutionized the treatment of anterior nosebleeds and I have had great clinical success with this product. Its ease of placement and comfort to patient is great."

Michael Benninger, MD of Cleveland, OH

"Most minor nosebleeds now can be managed with a visit to the corner pharmacy rather than the emergency room. Now sufferers have NasalCEASE, a quick more convenient method to stop the bleeding."

Janet Potter of York, PA

"I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product! I am a Registered Nurse and have worked Emergency Departments for 24 years. My son has a history of nose bleeds and today he had a terrible bleed. Luckily I had NasalCEASE® in my emergency kit. It worked great! Many thanks for such an easy to use product that works so well."

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